Best Table Saws

If you are getting serious about woodworking you have probably entertained the idea of buying a table saw. Table saws are efficient tools which can make anything from bird feeders, drawers with angled edges, wall shelves, or pieces for you favorite board game. However, there are hundreds of configurations and models available in the market today. Because a decent table saw can run anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, it is important to pick one that will be able to handle any project you will build over the next several years. Table saws are one of the most…

Best Wood Lathes of 2020

How To Pick The Best Wood Lathe On a Budget in 2020 Woodturning has been in existence since the 1300 BCE in Ancient Egypt where the first two-person wood lathe was made. This innovation has evolved over time and now has important upgrades such as revolutions per minute (rpm) that help us monitor its efficiency for different woodworking projects. Woodworking broadly encompasses all arts of making decorative designs and products from wood while woodturning literally refers to the craft of working on wood as it turns with the help of a machine called a wood lathe. A wood lathe makes…

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