The Top 10 Shop Vacs For Drywall Dust of 2021

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Hyde Tools 09165 Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Hand Sander with 6-Foot Hose - Verified
  • Drywall hand sander attaches to any wet/dry vacuum for sanding without dust throughout your worksite
  • Protects furniture, floors, electronics-and your lungs-from invasive drywall dust
  • EasyClamp system allows sanding screen replacement quickly and easily
  • Comes with 6" hose, coupling adapter that fits all wet/dry hose sizes (1 3/4", 1 1/2", 2 1/2")
  • Also one sheet of reversible sanding screen
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Hyde 09170 Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Sander - Verified
  • This Product Is A Paint Rollers
  • Fits All Shop-Type Vacuum Cleaners
  • Features Easy Clamp System For Faster, Easier Abrasive Loading
  • Brand Name: Hyde Tools
Pick 3
Shop vac Bags 5 Pack, Replacement for Shop Vac Type E, Disposable Collection Shop Vac Filter for Drywall Dust Renovation, Shop Vac Bags 5-8 gallon (white) - Verified
  • 【5-8 Type E Filter Bags】 Pack of 5 replacement filter bags fits 5-8 Gallon vacuum, Type E 90661, 906-61, 9066100 / Type H 90671, 9067100. Does not work with 5 Gallon Wall Mount or HangUp Vacs. For dry pick up only. Not compatible with Ridgid Vacuum.
  • 【Superior Ability to Filter Dust】 Shop vac filters can effectively capture most small particles and dust in workshops and houses. The dust collector bag has a ring system to prevent dust from escaping during bag treatment. Shopvac filter can effectively remove sawdust, construction waste and dirt.
  • 【Plant Filters】 The shop vac filter bags strong suction, after the completion of waterproof works to absorb cement dust is different. You can handle the bag easily without damaging the vacuum or cleaning the vacuum bucket.
  • 【High Efficiency】 Even if the area is large, changing filter bags can help you clean your house and workshop easily, saving time and effort.
  • 【Easy to install】 When the Type E 5-8 Gallon dust collection bag is installed, please assure the rubber seal is seated correctly. If the rubber seal is visible, it's not seated correctly. Keep the main shop vacuum filter stay clean.
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CRAFTSMAN CMXZVBE38775 Fine Dust Wet/Dry Vac Dust Collection Bags for 5 to 8 Gallon Shop Vacuums, 2-Pack - Verified
  • FITS: 5 to 8 gallon Shop-Vac brand vacs
  • DESIGNED FOR DRY PICK-UP: Dust bag for dry debris pick-up only to make clean-up fast and easy
  • COLLECTS FINE DUST: Dust bag designed for capturing fine debris such as drywall dust, cold ashes and ultra-fine particles
  • REDUCE CLEAN-UP TIME: Vacuum bag makes debris disposal quick and easy, reducing the time required to clean the wet dry vacuum cleaner
  • INCLUDES: 2 dust bags
Pick 5
Craftsman - CMXZVBE39970 CRAFTSMAN 39970 Fine Dust Wet Dry Vac Dust Collection Bags for 6 and 9 Gallon Shop Vacuums, 2-Pack - Verified
  • FITS: 6 and 9 gallon CRAFTSMAN vacs
  • DESIGNED FOR DRY PICK-UP: Dust bag for dry debris pick-up only to make clean-up fast and easy
  • COLLECTS FINE DUST: Dust bag designed for capturing fine debris such as drywall dust, cold ashes and ultra-fine particles
  • REDUCE CLEAN-UP TIME: Vacuum bag makes debris disposal quick and easy, reducing the time required to clean the wet dry vacuum cleaner
  • INCLUDES: 2 dust bags
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HYDE 9160 Dust-Free Sponge Sander, 1-(Pack) - Verified
  • Dust-Free sponge Sander
  • Includes lightweight hand sander with 2 medium grit sanding sponges
  • Includes a vacuum hose with adapter
  • Fits all Wet/Dry hose sizes (1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2-1/2")
Pick 7
DEWALT Dust Extractor, Automatic Filter Cleaning, 8-Gallon (DWV010) - Verified
  • Automatic Filter Clean of the dust extractor pulses every 30 seconds for continuous operation without stopping to clean filter
  • 15-amp motor of DEWALT dust extractor delivers 150 CFM of airflow
  • Power Tool Actuation controls the On/Off operations of the vacuum with a power tool
  • Meets the EPA Lead Related Renovations, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule for Hepa Vacuums only when DWV9330 Filters are used
  • Universal hose connector provides a secure connection with swivel capability
Pick 8
HYDE 09180 Dust-Free Vacuum Sander, Professional with Pole - Verified
  • This professional sander is both lightweight and longlasting
  • Uses top-of-the-line abrasive sanding nets specially designed for dust-free sanding - 4 sheets included
  • Comes with 6 foot hose, coupling adapter that fits all wet/dry hose sizes (1-3/4", 1-1/2", 2-1/2")
  • 2-piece pole extends from 28" to 56"
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction for durability
Pick 9
The Dust Deputy Deluxe Anti-Static Cyclone Separator 5 Gallon Kit - Verified
  • INCREASED SUCTION POWER - The ORIGINAL shop vacuum cyclone, now 20% more throughput (CFM) and efficiency with Neutral Vane Technology, Oneida Air Systems' patented Dust Deputy cyclone uses centrifugal force to capture and remove 99% of dust and debris from the air-stream before it reaches your vacuum filter, eliminating clogged filters and suction loss!
  • LONGER LIFESPAN – Prevents fine dust and large debris from reaching your dust filter, reducing the need for cleanings and prolonging the lifespan of your filter. The Dust Deputy Deluxe will save you countless time and money on expensive replacement vacuum filters and dust bags, allowing you to keep working harder, longer, and safer than ever!
  • WET OR DRY – This simple and efficient design can be adapted for use with any make, size, or model shop vacuum and features tapered 2.0" ports for secure fittings using a variety of dust collection hose sizes. Portable design can be mounted directly to the vacuum. Works with most materials: Wood dust, drywall dust, concrete dust, clay/silica dust, blasting soda, cooled ash & soot, water, metal shavings, baking flour, grass & leaves, pet/animal hair, pharmaceutical waste, and much more!
  • US Pat. 6833016, RE40048, 7282074
Pick 10
Ridgid - 23743 VF3502 High Efficiency, Dry Pickup Dust Bags for 12 - 16 Gallon Wet / Dry Vacuums (2 Pack) - Verified
  • COMPATIBLE VACUUMS: WD1950, WD1956, WD1850, WD1851, RV2400HF, WD1450, WD1680, WD1270
  • FINE PARTICLE PICKUP: These bags work for drywall, dust, sand, dirt, and other non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable materials
  • DISPOSABLE: Easily clean up your work by removing from the vacuum and tossing in the garbage
  • MULTI PACK: This pack includes 2 bags, doubling your particulate carrying abilities
  • AVOID HAZARDS: Do not vacuum toxic or carcinogenic materials like asbestos with these bags

How we picked the best shop vacs conclusion

There are numerous shop vacs available in the market and while many of them seem very similar, there are differences that can greatly alter the quality of your project and budget. We understand the frustration of choosing the best shop vac for your projects and here are some of the criteria that we used in picking the best shop vacs for this review:


Price isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered but sure is very essential when sampling out your best choice. A general rule of thumb is that the price needs to match the value of the product. To be sure, you can start by comparing your favorite picks online. However, you need to be careful since cheaper prices might sometimes mean a compromise on quality.

Quality of materials

Material quality is a fundamental factor that influences the versatility of a shop vac. To evaluate a shop vac’s durability and its capability to be used for a wide range of projects, we reviewed the quality of materials used to make it. This varied from plastic, metals, and sometimes both. For sturdy, durable, versatile, and lightweight tools, most manufacturers often prefer to use a combination of plastic and metal. We also kept an eye on the paint used to coat the surface as it prevents corrosion. Note that subpar paints rub off on your workpieces.


Top-quality shop vacs are heavily drowned with the sheer vastness of shop vacs in the market. Picking out the best one often means that you can easily use it to adapt to various functions or activities for different DIY projects such as renovations, carpentry, landscape work, and much more. The shop vacs we have reviewed in this article are able to handle the versatility of multiple projects while still offering premium quality.

Longevity and warranty

As noted earlier, the quality of material used to make a shop vac influences its longevity. Here, we evaluated shop vacs largely made of plastics and metals. Plastic shop vacs easily break when used in heavy-duty projects while their metallic counterparts tend to be more durable. From this review, we recommend that you go for shop vacs backed by a warranty of at least 1 year to ensure the manufacturer stands behind their product.

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I have been an avid woodworker since childhood. Several years ago I started my own shop and was blown away by how expensive the tools were. I started this site to share my knowledge with others and provide honest valuable reviews for the quality products I use in my shop.

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