The Top 10 Manual Log Spliters of 2021

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Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter, Green - Verified
  • Powerful: hydraulic RAM Builds up to 10 tons of driving force
  • Large capacity: splits logs up to 18 in. Long x 8 in. Wide
  • Efficient: RAM return spring for quick resets
  • Durable: Steel frame construction with wheels for easy portability
  • Easy to use: No gas, oil or cords
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Kindling Cracker XL Kindling Cracker King Firewood Splitter - Kindling Splitter Wood Splitter Wood Splitting Wedge Manual Log Splitter Wedge - Verified
  • A safe and easy way to make kindling with no moving blade or sharpened object passing by your hands
  • Splits firewood with less force than a standard axe
  • 9in. inside dia. top ring offers more space than the original model to handle large pieces of firewood
  • 17in. height allows you to split long pieces of firewood
  • Virtually maintenance-free
Pick 3
QYLS Firewood Kindling Splitter by Log Splitter | Kindling Wood Splitter - Get Prepared Safer - Manual Log Splitter | Made of Cast Iron | DIY Kindling Splitter with 4LB Hammer - Verified
  • ✅SAFE WAY TO MAKE KINDLING – A safe and easy way to make kindling with no moving blade or sharpened object passing by your hands. The Log Splitter is a top-grade cast iron splitting head mounted inside of a 12in.H cast iron frame. To make a perfect piece of kindling, place a piece of firewood inside the iron safety ring and strike with a blunt instrument, such as a hammer, mallet or even another piece of wood.
  • ✅ COMPACT AND PORTABLE – Small and light enough to take anywhere! Whether it's the lake, camping, at-home use, having an 8-inch diameter makes it the perfect log splitter. Weighing in at only 10 pounds it can be easily transported and fits comfortably in tight spaces. From indoor woodstoves to outdoor camping it is the handiest fire-starting tool you will own, we promise.
  • ✅ 4 LBS SLEDGEHAMMER INCLUDED – We decided to make you the most convenient fire-starting combo available. After much testing, the 4 LBS hammer is the perfect size for quick, easy, and efficient kindling splitting. At only a fraction of the cost of a hydraulic or electric splitter, this is the way to go.
  • ✅ EXTREMELY DURABLE STEEL – It consists of one solid piece of high-quality cast iron, so it s something that your grandkids grandkids will use to split their own kindling, if cared for and used correctly. The only maintenance it needs is a bit brushing off and maybe a touch of paint from time to time to look like new for generations. Create kindling for your campfire, wood stove, fireplace or pizza oven and you don't want to risk injury by using an axe.
  • ✅ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We are so confident in our products we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you have any issues at all with our product do not hesitate to reach out to us. 100% satisfaction is what we strive for. It’s never been easier to start a fire, get cracking!
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Timber Tuff TMW-11 Manual Log Splitter, Green - Verified
  • 8.8 lb hammer for easy splitting. Unique design keeps assembly together.
  • 44" in length; 11.5 slide travel.
Pick 5
SPEED FORCE Log Splitter Kindling Splitter 14 Ton Firewood Splitter for Wood Splitting, Includes Heavy Duty Hammer - Verified
  • A safe and easy way to make Log Splitting or Kindling with no moving blade or sharpened object passing by your hands and fingers
  • Splits firewood and kindling much easier than a standard axe
  • Max 12 inch splitting capacity and 14 Ton Splitter Force
  • Made of high-quality Casting steel comply to US ASTM #1045 for lifetime splitting
  • Virtually maintenance-free and 2 years warranty excludes normal wearing parts
Pick 6
Felled Slide Hammer Manual Log Splitter – 14 LB Wood Splitting Wedge Tool Hand Log Splitter Pump - Verified
  • SAFELY SPLIT WOOD: The Felled Slide Hammer Log Splitter Wedge Tool eliminates the dangers of overhead swinging, flying plastic or wood wedges, broken axe or maul handles, and back-breaking labor; The single system wood splitter uses gravity, minimal force, and a slide hammer action to split wood naturally; This tool is great for young and old who have a hard time creating enough force with axes because the slide hammer tool does a majority of the work for you
  • EASILY SLICE KNOTS AND INCLUSIONS: Old softwoods are known to be full of knots and inclusions that make it difficult to split logs quickly, but this log splitting wedge tool is designed to easily slice through and around knots to make it easier to cut down large sections; Save time and effort by adding this tool to your garage
  • EASY TO USE: Simply begin by placing the wedge tip on top of the log in the area in which you want to split the log; Raise the weighted handle and shaft, then forcefully push it down to strike the top of the wood splitter wedge; Repeat action until log has been split into two sections
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP: Features a rubberized cushion grip handle for comfort and efficiency; Handle helps to absorb shock when working and gives a secure grip to the tool when being used
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed of steel, this kindling cracker firewood kindling splitter tool is designed for durability, safety, and longevity; The laser cut wedge end ensures consistent strength and performance to easily split large logs and trees to be used as firewood and kindling; Features a locking nut that tightens to the wedge head to allow safe transportation; Closed position measures at 31 inches (78.7 cm) and extends to 33 inches (83.8 cm)
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Inertia Wood Splitter - Cast Iron Manual Log Splitter - No Sharp Edges - No More Axes! Safest Way to Cut Firewood - Verified
  • ✅ SAFELY SPLIT FIREWOOD: Thousands Injure Themselves Each Year, By Using Axe to Split Wood Logs. Our Firewood Splitter Has No Sharp Edges, So You Can Chop Kindlings and Firewood in Complete Safety.
  • ✅ USE IT WITH ONE HAND: Simply Place the Log In Our Splitter / Cracker. The Metal Rail Holds the Wood in Place. Then Hit Down on the Wood With a Hammer.
  • ✅ PORTABLE: Weighs Only 10 LB's. Take It to The Bonfire, Camping Trip, or Just Use it In Your Backyard! No Need to Bring an Axe! Even a Child Can Use It!
  • ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If You're in Anyway not 100% SATISFIED. We'll Be Happy to Send You a Refund. No Questions Asked.
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Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter - Kindling Splitter Wood Splitter Wood Splitting Wedge Manual Log Splitter Wedge - Verified
  • A safe and easy way to make kindling with no moving blade or sharpened object passing by your hands
  • Splits firewood with less force than a standard axe
  • 6.5in. inside diameter top ring
  • Made of high-quality cast iron in Australia
  • Virtually maintenance-free
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Aristea Nova Fire Wood Kindling Splitter Sturdy Manual Log Firewood Cracker with Double Cutting Wedge in Durable Cast Iron - Complete with a Log Carry Bag - Verified
  • Our Aristea Nova manual log splitting tool is equipped with a unique, double splitting head and is perfect for making kindling for your fire pit, pizza oven, smoker or barbecue. The top head can be easily removed.
  • Easy to use, the log splitter is made of high-quality and durable cast iron that provides the necessary stability for safe and hassle-free kindling making without using exessive force. It can be used indoor or outdoor.
  • Our firewood cracker has two bolt holes in the base and can be conveniently mounted on a tree stump or simply placed on any other level surface.
  • The portable log splitting tool is maintenance free and needs no sharpening. The easy-to-carry over the shoulder log carry bag is durable, wear-resistant and comes with reinforced handles.
  • Included in this offer: heavy duty cast iron wood splitter with a removable blade 13.4 in (H) x 6.5 in (W)/ 34 cm (H)x 16.5 cm, (W), weight 12.8 lb/5.8 kg and a log carry bag: 30 in x 20 in / 75 cm x 50 cm
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Kindling Wood Splitting Wedge - Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter with Hammer Included, Manual Log Splitter, Inertia Wood Splitter - Cast Iron Manual Log Splitter - Safer Way to Split Firewood. - Verified
  • Safe and effective kindling splitter wedge design, great firewood cutter for back yard or camping.
  • Wood splitting axe tool, safe for cutting and chopping kindling. Sturdy cast iron construction.
  • Splits firewood with less force than a standard axe. A great firewood chopping stand.
  • Made of high-quality cast iron, a virtually maintenance-free splitter can be bolted down.
  • This safe kindling chopper has a 3 lb hammer included so you can begin splitting right away!

How we picked the best manual log splitters conclusion

There are numerous manual log splitters available in the market and while many of them seem very similar, there are differences that can greatly alter the quality of your project and budget. We understand the frustration of choosing the best manual log splitter for your projects and here are some of the criteria that we used in picking the best manual log splitters for this review:


Price isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered but sure is very essential when sampling out your best choice. A general rule of thumb is that the price needs to match the value of the product. To be sure, you can start by comparing your favorite picks online. However, you need to be careful since cheaper prices might sometimes mean a compromise on quality.

Quality of materials

Material quality is a fundamental factor that influences the versatility of a manual log splitter. To evaluate a manual log splitter’s durability and its capability to be used for a wide range of projects, we reviewed the quality of materials used to make it. This varied from plastic, metals, and sometimes both. For sturdy, durable, versatile, and lightweight tools, most manufacturers often prefer to use a combination of plastic and metal. We also kept an eye on the paint used to coat the surface as it prevents corrosion. Note that subpar paints rub off on your workpieces.


Top-quality manual log splitters are heavily drowned with the sheer vastness of manual log splitters in the market. Picking out the best one often means that you can easily use it to adapt to various functions or activities for different DIY projects such as renovations, carpentry, landscape work, and much more. The manual log splitters we have reviewed in this article are able to handle the versatility of multiple projects while still offering premium quality.

Longevity and warranty

As noted earlier, the quality of material used to make a manual log splitter influences its longevity. Here, we evaluated manual log splitters largely made of plastics and metals. Plastic manual log splitters easily break when used in heavy-duty projects while their metallic counterparts tend to be more durable. From this review, we recommend that you go for manual log splitters backed by a warranty of at least 1 year to ensure the manufacturer stands behind their product.

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I have been an avid woodworker since childhood. Several years ago I started my own shop and was blown away by how expensive the tools were. I started this site to share my knowledge with others and provide honest valuable reviews for the quality products I use in my shop.

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