Best C Clamps of 2020


C-clamps are an invaluable addition to any workshop. They are extremely, cheap, take up very little space, and are extremely reliable. For those unfamiliar with the term a C-clamp, sometimes called a “G-cramp” is a piece of metal in the shape of a “C” with a metal screw running through the ends. This screw allows you to hold to two pieces of wood, metal, or plastic perfectly still. For this reason a c-clamp is often referred to as a “third hand.” C-clamps are a great way to hold materials together for welding, woodworking, or even using glue. If you are in the market for clamps, but are not sure if c-clamps are the way to go please check out our article that gives a breakdown of every type of clamp imaginable. However, if you are in the market for a c-clamp please check out the below article where we detail the best c-clamps available right now and how to pick the best one suited for your project.



Product NameProduct ImagePriceWeightRating (Grade)
Tekton 6 Inch C clampCheck Best Price2 lbs4.8
Irwin Quick Grip C ClampCheck Best Price3.5 lbs4.7
Blue Collar Tools 6 Inch 4 PackCheck Best Price4.7 lbs4.6
Bessey 4 Inch C ClampCheck Best Price4.4
Max Power 12 Piece Clamp SetCheck Best Price4.2

Pick #1 Tekton 6 Inch C Clamp

The Tekton 6 inch C Clamp is our number 1 pick due to its price and versatility. The Tekton clamp is just over $10 and can be used for carpentry, metal working, or automotive applications. This clamp provides an extremely sturdy option for small to medium sized projects. If you are working on bigger projects this clamp also comes in larger sizes of 8, 10, and 12 inches. Additionally, the Tekton 6 c clamp has padding on the jaw and screw in order to prevent scratching or tearing of the materials you are holding together. 

The Tekton clamp also features chrome plated finish to keep away rust and paint chipping. This clamp can be used in any conditions without worrying about it breaking down. Lastly, the Tekton c clamp features acme threading, which ensures the clamp is easy to engage and disengage. 



  •  Cheap
  •  Can be used outdoors
  •   Padding prevents scratching


  •   May need multiple sizes (not great for huge projects)

Pick #2 Irwin Quick Grip C Clamp

irwin-clampIt should come as no surprise that Irwin tools has a great c clamp. Irwin has an extremely long track record of making great tools at affordable prices and their c clamp is no exception. Irwin’s 6 inch c clamp is extremely high quality and only about a dollar more than Tekton’s 6 inch clamp. The clamp is made of high quality steel and the swivel pad keeps wood and metal extremely secure when when working on a project. 

However, the Irwin clamp is not out top pick for several reasons. First, there are not as many size variations as the Tekton clamp. This gives you less flexibility with the size of projects you can work on. Additionally, if you look on the listing you have the option to buy “multipacks” This is supposed to give you a better deal because you are buying multiple products. However, if you purchase the “4 pack” you are actually paying double the amount of money as someone who just bought an individual c clamp. If you want to purchase multiple c clamps just make sure you order the 6in clamp multiple times rather than going through a bundle.


  • Versatile
  •  Great for small projects
  •   Trustworthy brand


  •   Multipacks cost more money 
  •   Paint occasionally chips

Pick #3 Blue Collar 4 Piece Clamp Set


Blue Collar’s 4 piece clamp set takes the #3 spot on our list primarily because you have to buy at least 2 clamps instead of just buying one individually. This listing has 2 distinct variation. The first is a set of two standard clamps, while the second has 4 clamps. While 4 clamps may be more than you really need Blue Collar’s product is very high quality and gives a slight discount per clamp compared to individual products. 

Unlike the previous two clamps the Blue Collar clamps are only 4 inches long compared to six (and because the screw does not go all the way down it is really closer to 3.75 inches). So if you find that you constantly require jaw capacity of 6+ inches this set will not big enough. However, if you are in the market for multiple clamps and will be working on smaller projects this set is perfect. Blue Collars clamps are extremely rust resistant and feature coating that will rarely chip or let rust in. Because of this these clamps work great in any environment assuming the materials can fit within the limited jaw space.


  • Bulk Pricing 
  •  Rust Resistant


  •   Small Jaw capacity
  •   Have to buy multiple clamps

Pick #4 Bessey 4 Inch Clamp

bessey-clampThe Bessey 4 inch clamp takes the #4 spot on our list. Although this clamp only comes in the 4 inch size the “double prongs” are an extremely handy feature when working with projects that require force to be applied over an extended clamping surface. Additionally, all three touch points of the clamp have pads to prevent scratching and hold your materials in place. The threaded screw holds extremely well in this clamp and can keep materials steady whether you are gluing, screwing, or welding materials together.

The Bessey 4 inch double prong clamp is also great for outdoor projects. Its alloy casted frame and zinc plated handle make it rust resistant and able to handle any climate without worrying about chipping or rust. This clamp is slightly more expensive than Irwin or Tekton’s clamps but if you are working with a large clamping surface this clamp offers a great way to get started without breaking the bank. Just make sure to keep in mind that this clamp only comes in the 4 inch size.


  • Dual Prongs
  •  Rust Resistant


  •   Only comes in 4 inch size

Pick #5 Max Power 12 Piece Clamp Set

If you are looking for a lot of clamps for miscellaneous projects Max Power offers a offers a great deal for buying in bulk. The picture featured to the right shows the 12 pack of 2 inch clamps. However, Max Power also offers 3 inch, 4 inch, and six inch multipacks. Buying one clamp typically will cost anywhere from $8-$15, however by  purchasing in bulk you can get these for less than $4 a clamp. 

If you are only looking for one clamp Max Power is probably offering more than you really need. However, if you are working on building shelving, cabinetry, or some other activity that will require you to use lots of clamps this bundle is a great way to save some money. 



  • Ductile frame 
  •  Bulk Pricing


  •  Multipack pricing is more than one solo clamp


We hope you have found these reviews helpful when picking out your c clamp. Although c clamps are not very expensive compared to most woodworking tools, costs can add up if you need to buy a different type of clamp for every project. This is why we showcased clamps with different jaw sizes, materials, and pricing tiers. If you frequently use multiple clamps we highly suggest taking advantage of purchasing clamps in multipacks. This will greatly reduce your cost per clamp and save you money over the long run. If you find a great c clamp that we did not review please leave it in the comments. Below you can find the definitions of some of the terms used in this review.


Acme Thread- Basically a screw with a spiral that allows twisting to increase or decrease pressure.

I Beam Design- The shape of the screw looks like an “I”. This is ideal for applying equal and opposite pressure on materials.

Coating- Coating and paint may seem unimportant but they are not. A bad paint job can lead to chipping and rust which will weaken the integrity of your tool. Chrome plated clamps are a great way to mitigate the chances of letting rust creep into your clamps.

 Burrs- Burrs are typically small raised edges on a piece of metal. For the purposes of c clamps they can cause the screw (or thread) to stick when you are trying to clamp something together.

 Ductile- Ductile essentially means something has flexibility and strength. Ductile clamps are great because they are able to be positioned however you want while keeping your materials in place.


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